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The music or the original soundtrack (OST) plays a big role in any animated film or series. It is something a fan can take home and keep and then listen to even after the series or movie ends. The soundtrack also allows fans to maintain an attachment with the anime. What better way for fans to honor their most-loved anime music than by doing a rendition (or cover) of these musical favorites. Scouring the net, here are some awesome fan-versions of popular anime songs.

  1. Tokyo Ghoul – Unravel cover by Youtuber @pellekofficial – Per Fedrik ?Pellek? Alsy is a rock/metal vocalist from Norway. Most of his videos in youtube are covers of popular anime theme songs. This cover of Tokyo Ghoul Unravel got him 12 million views! Watch him sing this Japanese song in his Norwegian accent and tremendous vocal range. Watch out for goosebumps!
  2. Dragon Ball Z Theme goes Metal guitar rendition by Charlie Parra del Riego – this cover got him about 6 million views! He is now selling an album entitled, Anime Goes Metal. This album features 7 tracks that include metal versions of Naruto, Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist to name a few.
  3. Fairy Tail Theme Violin rendition by Taylor Davis – this cover is so moving and soothing that you will wish you can play the violin. It?s so beautiful that you?d imagine Natsu, with his angsty face, right before battle. This video got 4 million views. Check it out now or follow @ViolinTay on Youtube to see her other anime music?covers.
  4. Naruto Shippuden OP 16 – Silhouette vocal cover by Raon Lee – this pretty girl has some amazing pipes. With over 18 million views for this cover, fans can?t help but compare her with the original singer – they say she sang it way better! See it here.
  5. Chala-Head-Chala from Dragon Ball cover by Goose House. A talented and fun group, they do a rendition of the Dragon Ball classic, putting their own semi-acoustic twist, with three-part vocal harmonies! Add the choreography and you get an animated and entertaining video.



  6. Pokemon Theme Song – Revenge version by SMOSH. This is a parody of the Pokemon song. The Smosh duo, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, previously lip-synced the theme song and was apparently sued for copyright infringement. In this video, they changed the lyrics of the song to let viewers know what really happened.

Which one here did you like best? Do you have your favorite anime music versions?

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