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Animation Vs Minecraft: New And Latest Video Now Trending

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The Animation vs Minecraft video produced by Alan Becker is now trending on YouTube garnering nearly more than 5M views of late. The YouTuber who earlier made an animated video featuring stick figures that overtake his desktop and destroy the place is back with another fantastic video. ?

The internet back in late 90s or early 2000s was full with flash videos featuring ?stickman,? which are simplified stick figures involved in fights or games. The new video features the return of stick figures, however, this time they discover Minecraft. The video which lasts about fifteen minutes manages to capture the essence of Minecraft, the community, and its gameplay. The video starts with the stickman discovering the Minecraft creation menu from a Windows 7 desktop.

According to the article in Irish Examiner, the latest video begins with the stick figures manipulating the creation tools of Minecraft to build a house. Then they move on to more elaborate structures and systems. Soon they are embroiled in a battle with someone they once knew as a friend, since with the power to manipulate things the stick figures end up being more corrupt.

According to Kokatu, animator Alan Becker brings back the nostalgic early days of internet with full-flash animations and stick warriors in his new video. It took Alan Becker almost 800 hours to produce this awesome animation. The video presents a delightful story of stick figures and Minecraft characters that are trying to survive in a wild environment, where even Windows 7?s Recycle Bin plays a significant role.

Alan Becker will be back with new animated videos with the stick figures, who will do something more hilarious and crazy. Fans begged him in the comment thread for a Animation vs. League of Legends video. However, he has ruled out the possibility of that since he doesn?t play the League of Legends game.

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