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Animal Kingdom Finale: Cops Close In On The Codys; Will Baz Be The Villain In Season 2?

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Animal Kingdom finale sees the cops close in on the Codys. Based on the preview, ?What ?Have You Done?? is going to be intense. Baz remains mystified with the sudden disappearance of Catherine. He gathers all leads that can answer all his questions. And since the renewal for season 2 has been confirmed, rumor has it that Baz will return as the next villain.

Many fans were surprised about the police searching the Codys? house. However, it looks like they are not going to find much evidence. The money is still at the military in the trash bins.

It looks like there will be some surprising turn of events. After all, it could be too early to see the Codys in jail.

Speculations claim that Baz will most likely take the witness protection deal from the feds and turn over his entire family. And while J is currently caught in between, avid viewers could expect things to get darker for him. The revelation about Baz being his real father could happen anytime.

The death of Catherine could lead to some changes in the dynamics of the show. It will never be the same, especially for Baz.

Moreover, Pope?s actions restricting from temperamental behavior will impact the relationship with Smurf. His future could be scary.

Animal Kingdom?s whole story is said to reach a focal point in the finale. It could leave viewers with a lot of questions that the next season shall answer. But if there?s one thing that fans will certainly get, it?s the satisfaction of a great season. And we can all look forward to where the series will take us when season two releases. Fans are also hoping to see how relationships will be fixed.

Animal Kingdom Season 1 episode finale airs on Aug. 9 at 9|8C on TNT.


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