Angry Birds Developers Rovio Created a Game That Will Make You Angrier Than You Were On Flappy Bird

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If you?ve played the game Flappy Bird, you must have already learned that some games exist to frustrate the hell of out the players with their maddening difficulty. Alas, Flappy Bird was discontinued for a short while, killing the hype. Dozens and dozens of ?replica? games came around and stormed the App Stores. Rovio, developers of the world-famous game Angry Birds series is stepping in and will try to fill-in the gap.

The formula of Flappy Bird was an instant genius. The idea of making a game addicting by pushing the player?s patience to the limit is a weird one, but it works nonetheless and Rovio knows this as well. The guys behind the Angry Birds series will release a game similar to Flappy Bird?s mechanics, and will feature a plane that you will have to control.

As if there aren?t thousands of clones on the App Store, Rovio?s Retry is a game that will follow the same suit, and according to some sources, they say that the game will be much more ?challenging? by having a more complicated set of controls to master. (Planes can go in circular fashion here, suggesting extremely hard levels are to be expected)

Like Flappy Bird, Retry will also showcase 8-bit style graphics that will bring instant nostalgia to certain players, and the game will also have a matching background music, that makes the 8-bit feel to the game more apparent.

The game will be FREE to play and it?s quite unclear how Rovio will make some money with the game, but there are some hints that the game?s monetization will take place in microtransactions (customizing your plane or perhaps, limited amount of ?retries? per day that will require players to dish out real money in order to keep playing).

We really can?t expect that this game will be as popular as how the game Flappy Bird was, but it is looking good and with its limited early access, it seems to be well-received.The game will be officially out ?soon?.

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