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Angie Tribeca’ Season 2 Finale Spoilers; Season 3 To Release In Early 2017?

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If there is one thing that we could all expect from the Angie Tribeca Season 2 Finale, that should definitely be all the goofball comedy that stole our hearts. The finale, titled “Electoral Dysfunction,” shows Angie Tribeca behind bars and her plans to kill Mayor Perry. Fans could see how Jay finds out about her plans, while the goofballs prepare for the election.

Based on the official synopsis, the electoral shenanigans ensue in the satirical cop show?s second-season finale. Though it was not confirmed that the new case will revolve around a murder mystery, it looks like it is filled with police procedural comedy elements which viewers will surely love.

In ?Angie Tribeca? fashion, expect mornings to start from silly to progressively bizarre. There could be no other show from where we can see a man that breastfeeds a baby, or a character having his coffee with a test tube. And these are the reasons why we fell in love with the show in the first place. We like jokes like this.

We could look forward to all these before we see season 3, which has been officially confirmed, by the way. TBS network recently debunked all rumors about the cancellation of the third season. The renewal of the next season comes before the current season ends.

This year, we were blessed with two seasons of Angie Tribeca. The first season was in January. And while it was a bit painful to wait for announcements if the season 3 is going to be cancelled or renewed, TBS network officially made the confirmations we have all been waiting for.

No further news have been released for the newly confirmed season yet, including its release date. But there is a huge chance that it might be returning on 2017. Angie Tribeca season 3 will be composed of ten episodes, just like its first two seasons.

Catch Angie Tribeca Season 2 finale as it airs on Monday, August 8 at 9pm on TBS.


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