Android Wear Watch: Google Likely Developing 2 Products

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Smartwatches and smartbands are believed to be the next big thing in the wearable gadgets category. In the past two years, many OEMs like Motorola, Samsung, Apple and Huawei have been experimenting with this gadget by giving it a square, rectangular or a circular dial makeover. Meanwhile, a new report says Google is gearing up to release Android Wear watches soon.

An exclusive report from?Android Police says the search giant is working on two Android Wear devices. One of them is rumored to be branded under ?Nexus,? with the release date set after the launch of the?Nexus 2016 smartphones.

The second Google Android Wear watch will reportedly be a high-end model with a larger and sportier outlook, complete with advanced features like LTE, GPS and sensors like heart rate monitor, among others. The smaller version will apparently not have LTE and GPS connectivity.

The site also says both smartwatches will carry circular displays, similar to the Moto 360. The bigger version out of the two has apparently been codenamed ?Angelfish,? while the smaller one is called ?Swordfish.? No surprise there, as Google usually codenames its devices after fish names, and the OS versions after dessert names.

Representational Image

Representational Image

Speaking of rumored specifications and features, the Angelfish will apparently come with three buttons. One of them will be larger and it is centered at the right side of the device, while two smaller buttons will be placed above and below the crown button. The functionalities of the two extra buttons are unknown at this point.

Furthermore, the Angelfish version of gadget will reportedly be about 14mm thick in the cross-section. This thickness could be attributed to the bigger battery unit required to compensate the LTE demands. With the LTE connectivity onboard, this device can truly be called the stand-alone Android Wear watch.

Moving on to the smaller Swordfish, the exterior design reportedly resembles the Pebble Time Round. This variant will not feature three buttons like the bigger sibling. Instead, there will apparently be just one crown button.

The button onboard will reportedly resemble?Apple Watch?s crown design. Unlike the Angelfish, the smaller Swordfish Android Wear watch will be quite thinner at just 10.6mm.

Readers should however note that Google has not confirmed this report thus far.

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