Android Was a Console Game Character! This and More Surprising Facts About Android

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For the past couple of years, Android has been successful in giving joy, satisfaction and awe with their products and services. Before making its way to the industry it did had rough days and struggles. I am certain that one of you may be reading this using one of the android devices. You may know a lot about the features and specifications of your device but there are other fun and cool facts about Android. Doze off!

5.) Android is an adopted baby


Android Incorporated is the think tank and not Google. Andy Rubin, the founder of Android from 2003, offered back then a new breed of mobile platform to users.? Did you see now where they got the name? Anyways, Google bought Android because by 2007 Apple released the first iPhone and they needed to compete and that is why they did and hired Andy Rubin to head the team.

4.) Underrated to Overrated

Steve Perlman

Steve Perlman

Android was so close to being nothing. The problem? Fund and credibility. It started from scratch so as I have said, they had rough days of proving Android?s worth including getting the funding. Microsoft?s Scott Horn once said, ?I don?t understand what impact they are going to have.? Came to rescue was Steve Perlman who infused much needed fund.

3.) Men use Android more!

MEn android

Correct me If I am wrong, men are adventurous and women do not want complications. Android is very technical, now chime in with your thoughts. Moreover in terms of survey, Techobook cited that 73% of men at the end of 2013 love Android devices while obviously 27% are women.

2.) Android was a game character


You heard it right! If you happen to know Andy the Mascot well, he is not the first image to look up. Check out the 1990s console game ?Gauntlet: The Third Encounter?, then you will encounter a game character that has antennae, dotted eyes and it is bullet-shaped with a strip that cuts across the midsection of its robot body. No idea whether Google stole it and gave credits to Atari (game creator) or whoever. The thing is it is really similar.

1.)??? Android versions are names of desserts


Astro, Bender, Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice CreamSandwich, Jellybean, Kitkat. Yum!


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