Android vs. Apple: Practical Points of Comparison

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While the Google and Apple wars aren?t the oldest and the most famous war that?s ever occurred, it?s certainly one of the most heated ones. Fights have sparked between fanboys, geeks and employees. Let us also not forget the various lawsuits the two tech giants have fired at each other over the years, often leading to just an exchange of money from both sides.

But as a simple user who wants to get the right phone or tablet, wihich one should you choose? In my opinion, getting both is the best since this gives you access to technically all the apps that exist for smartphones.

To further help you decide on the question of Android vs Apple, here are some solid, practical points of comparison that normal smartphone users should consider:

1. Battery life

It feels a bit unfair to compare a small line of Apple devices to the slew of Android products out there. But we have to face it?Apple loses the battery wars. Not all Android devices can trump an iPhone or an iPad but there are some devices like the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Moto G that have much better battery life when they go toe-to-toe with the same usage. Android devices also allow users to manually swap out batteries.

2. App ecosystem

If you?re looking for the number of apps available, Apple beats Android easily. Since there?s only one iOS version for the latest devices, developers find making Apple apps much easier. Android apps are less abundant but have more functions and capabilities compared to iOS software. This means that Android apps can do more for your phone and tablet than general iOS apps can. When it comes to aesthetics, however, Android apps can be called the ugly stepsister.

3. Ease of use

While it?s true that Apple?s iOS operating system is intuitive and doesn?t require a manual at all, Android gets things done with less taps and swipes. Apple doesn?t allow widgets and shortcuts that can interfere with their home screen so you can?t customize your iOS experience.

4. Aesthetics

Apple?s devices are fashion statements. The iPhone 5S gold version has done the rounds of fashion weeks all over the world. Not all Android devices can be fashion statements. The Samsung Galaxy S series can be but it?s hard to distinguish one phone from another. The square-ish designs of other phones and tablets have nothing on the iPhone and iPad Air.

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