Android Trick: Use CaastMe To Send Links From Android To Any Nearby Device

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If you?re looking for a way to quickly send links to other mobile devices or PC, look no further than the new CaastMe app. (Image courtesy of Google Play)

There?s a multitude of applications on Google Play that tries to give us solutions for easily sharing links to other people?s devices. But if you want both an easy and quick way to do it, without requiring the recipient to install or sign in to anything, try the CaastMe Android app.

Fastest way to share links

CaastMe is brought to us by a developer and XDA forum member named ?Wyemun.? He talked about it in this forum thread and provided some screengrabs (see below) that show its user-friendly interface. The dev mentioned that this app has been inspired by how WhatsApp and WeChat utilize QR codes to allow users to quickly sign in to their accounts. He then tried to repurpose that functionality and apply the same method into sharing hyperlinks to PC and mobile browsers.

CaastMe screenshots (Image courtesy of XDA Developers)

CaastMe screenshots (Image courtesy of XDA Developers)


CaastMe is apparently attempting to set itself apart from other link-sharing apps by offering a streamlined experience. Here?s what you?ll get if you download it.

  • Zero setup required.
  • No additional installation on desktop.
  • No authentication/login in any form.
  • Can be used throughout various apps like Chrome, Youtube App or Reddit reader (as long as there’s a Share function).

How to use CaastMe

You don?t have to read any manual to grasp what the app tries to do. But just in case you want to have an idea on how to navigate through it before actually installing, here?s how it?s done.

  • Download and install CaastMe from its Play Store listing.
  • Go to on your desktop browser (preferably Google Chrome or Firefox)
  • From any Android app (which has a Share function in its interface), click the ?Share? option.
  • Select “CaastMe” in the “Share Via” option that will pop up.
  • A barcode scanning screen will then appear. Scan the QRCode on the website which you just opened on the desktop browser.


Photo Credit: ?CaastMe – Google Play

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