Android Trick: How To Open Apps Quickly Using Gestures

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Launch apps faster using gestures and more with the awesome Blinq Lollipop Launcher (Image courtesy of Google Play)

Searching for a unique way to jazz up your Android phone or tablet? A home screen replacement app called Blinq Lollipop Launcher offers a lot of cool ways to do that. First off, you can use it to control your phone like a boss using gestures. Read on and find out more about it below.

Unique way to customize your Android experience

If you?re tired of the same old, boring Android interface that welcomes you every time you switch on the screen, there?s a lot of good and free Android launchers available on Google Play. But if you?re looking for one that will give you not just beautiful design but also practical features, you?d better check out Blinq. It?s a launcher that flaunts aesthetics based on Android Lollipop?s Material Design. As mentioned, it allows you to set and use different gestures to quickly launch applications.

Its feature list is not limited to apps, Blinq also gives you the option to swipe gestures on the screen and do various commands. For instance, you can configure a letter A-shaped gesture to use whenever you want to call a contact named Andrew or set a B-shaped gesture to quickly send an SMS to a contact named Ben.

What Blinq can do to your Android phone and tablet

Here are just a handful of the many practical features that Blinq can bring to your Android device.

  • Drawer Folder: You can put your favourite apps under a folder in app drawer. You can create as many folders as you want; maximum of 16 apps per folder.
  • Text color picker for icon labels: You can change text color on homescreen and app drawer.
  • Various font styles to choose from.
  • Translucent status bar and navigation bar on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above.
  • Support for all icon packs made for Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher, Go Launcher, Apex Launcher and more.
  • Say “OK Gogle” to launch Google’s search app (Google Now) from homescreen; works on Android 4.4 and later.
  • Exclusive Blinq Wallpapers

How to install Blinq Lollipop Launcher

Blinq is free and very easy to set up. Just go to its Play Store listing and tap on Install. You may also upgrade it into a paid Prime version where you can enjoy more features like unlimited gestures, more transition effects, option to hide apps, premium icon backgrounds, and lots more.

See Blinq Lollipop Launcher in action by watching this clip from BlinqDroid.

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