Android to iPhone: Top Issues You’ll Face After Switching to iOS Environment

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iPhone runs iOS which benefits from a more secure ecosystem compared to the open-source approach of Android OS. However, there are certain factors that may imprison you on the system it uses. Here are five things you should consider when switching to iPhone.

App Restrictions

You cannot install apps on your iPhone found in other sources. In other terms, you need to jailbreak or use crude methods to install apps not available from iTunes. Android and Windows Phone OS can both utilise the ?sideload? methodology by allowing users to install apps from other sources in exchange of the risk being vulnerable to viruses at their own expense.

On the other hand, this tight security implementation makes iOS devices very resistant to various digital infections including Heartbleed.

Fixed Accessories

Not all accessories from other brands are friendly to your iPhone. Apple has its own shop which sells compatible accessories for iPhone and if you use a substandard accessory such as headphones, you may not enjoy listening to your favourite music because there is something odd with the audio output.

This is a particular disadvantage for those who want to recycle working accessories from Android or Windows Phone.

Less Freedom on Tones

Almost everything on iOS requires payment including making your paid song to become a ringtone. You need to purchase it again for $1 just to customise it in a ringtone format and if you are capable of hacking into the system, you need to incorporate the sound file to ?iTunes like any other files used on iPhone.

Messaging Limitation

SMS and MMS services are basic on every smartphone no matter what OS is running. But in the case of iOS, you are limited to what you have and you cannot fully customise everything or modify to make the messaging app reflect your persona and style.

Moreover, iOS messaging application is not totally secure as it can easily be hijacked by spectators. It is not stable due to known major bugs which may interrupt daily messaging habits.

Minimum Toggles

iOS 7 may have improved the Control Centre but not as close with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. In Android, you can include several shortcuts on the notifications shade that are most important for your daily task. In iOS, most basic controls are available in the Control Centre but for certain shortcuts like Tethering, you need to go deep into the Settings menu in order to disable or enable it.

iPhone is a very powerful smartphone and mostly secure against threats. But you must be sure that you are willing to giving up some freedom to get the exclusive and more sophisticated approach of iOS.

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