Android Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome: How to Fix Google Play Services from Draining Your Android Device

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Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome is a nasty disorder found on Android smartphones that beats every single trick to optimise battery life. Apparently, the sudden battery drain is caused by Google which can be fixed using simple ways without rooting your device.

Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome

There are several factors that affect battery life on every Android device. These factors include high graphics gameplay, constant Internet browsing, video streaming and live updates from apps.

Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome is an unusual battery draining issue found on almost every Android device. It is occasionally nasty on eating out power without any real reason and even if the device boasts a huge battery pack, the syndrome is still a killjoy.

Signs of Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome:

  1. Quick battery drain without any heavy usage.
  2. Battery level drops even if power saving managers are turned on (e.g. STAMINA mode).
  3. Only display consumes 50 per cent battery life according to the monitor.
  4. Apps are not consuming more than 20 per cent of power.
  5. Battery level may drop even if airplane mode is active.

Apparently, the main cause of Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome is Google and it may be represented as Google Services or Play Services under the power management overview list. Google Services may be seen consuming from 10 to 20 per cent of the total battery life once you?ve check the power management list.

Google or Play Services may run in the background task of an Android device which keeps them on syncing and updating regardless if any Internet connection is available or not. It covers several Google apps such as Chrome and Gmail, and even if you turn off the Gmail automatic syncing the drain still occur.

These services often get stuck on whatever they are doing which keeps battery consumption up and drains the device eventually.

Simple Treatment

Factory reset won?t be enough to solve the problem and not a good way for daily maintenance. There are two ways to stop Google services from consuming unusual amount of power and these methods do not require any root access.

  1. Reboot your Android device
    This is the easiest method to free those services from getting stuck under the background task. Restart your device once every day whether after a full charge or after using Google apps.
  2. Disable Them
    Google Services are not apps that can be removed and so the best way to stop them for good is by disabling. Go to Settings > Applications > Tap of ?All? tab > Select Google apps you want > Disable. You may need to restore the factory version of these apps before disabling them. Disabled apps are located at the bottom of ?All? tab section list.

If you disable Google services you use frequently, their icons won?t appear anymore on the App Menu which means you need choose wisely.

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