Android Skype 5.6 Update Brings Refined ?Recent? Tab, Avatars Contact Image, and more!

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Android Skype 5.6 update has just been rolled-out and it isn?t just bringing in the usual app stability fixes as it introduces a more consistent looking and a simpler and more pleasant app as it refines the avatars contact image, introduces a ?recent? tab, and more.

The Skype update only introduces small changes, Skype?s Tom Huang said in a blog post, but it brings a bevy of ?visual refreshes? to make Skype more beautiful and easy to use.

Here are the refinements brought by the update:

Easily Friends OL status, Friends Now With Round Avatars

You can now see your online friends no matter where you are in the app and it also now allows you to see multiple simultaneous chats. The avatar pics have also been polished and unified.

See more chats with ?Recent? tab

The ?Recent? tab has been polished and now fits more conversations in the available space so you won?t have to excessively scroll to for threads. With this, you can now easily jump to conversations you want to be in.

See chat messages more clearly

The colors of the chat bubbles have been livened-up with vibrant colors so you can easily distinguish sent from received messages. This is a huge help when conversing with numerous participants in the thread. The text has also been made more legible.

The Android Skype 5.6 update doesn’t bring?new features, a stark contrast to WhatsApp that has updated their app 5 times within a span of man with new features, but the small improvements has a big improvements to make basic actions be more convenient to use.

The app will be compatible with all devices running Android 4.0 and above, Huang said. You can download Skype or the update here.

Skype is a private video and message app whose rivals include Viber, Line, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and numerous others. Skype is available for use both on PC and on mobile devices. Skype was bought by Microsoft in 2011.

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