Android-Ready: Pricing Revealed for Sony’s Latest 4K TV

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4K images are the current rage these days. Aside from crisp and almost-surround images, these images are also great for gaming. Playing a battlefield on a 4K screen delivers about four times the carnage of the war that a normal flat-screen can deliver.

The Verge reports that Sony is bringing the 4K pain this May, including new sound bars that were last seen during the company?s presentation at the CES 2015. Anyone who wants to buy a new 4K TV during the launch will not have to wait for pricing information that long, as The Verge also reports that the pricing has come out as early as right now.

The report from Android Headines also covers the pricing chore for the 4K TVs, with a few extras. According to the report, the TV will be Google-Cast ready, and in the few days, people will know when exactly in May the 4K TVs will arrive.

Sony?s 4K TVs Arriving Soon

Sony?s last CES 2015 may have showed more than they were willing to, but it was all worth it.

People who weren?t at the said event will be able to see Sony?s lineup of 4K televisions as they arrive this May, according to The Verge. This early, however, the TVs are being pitted against other entry-level models like Vizio and Samsung?s own entries. Sony is making a strong case of ignoring that, instead focusing their efforts to market the full-array local dimming capable flagship of theirs, the XBR-75X940C.

While also HDR capable, the problem is these 4K TVs may have come too soon or way ahead of their time. Movies are just getting into the range of clarity that HDR technology boosts to a certain eye-catching degree, and it may be a bit too early to buy into HDR just yet. The TV is reportedly fetching a price of around $4,499.99 to $8,000.00.

Pricing Details and More

That?s not enough for people to stop becoming curious about Sony?s 4K wonder, though.

Aside from the 4K TV, Sony will also be releasing a whole series of speakers, sound bars, and receivers which will have technology built-in that makes them ready for Google Cast. It?s not coming the same time as the 4K TV though; Sony says that it?s going to come a little later on, but it will still be set for this year.

While it?s already available for viewing on their site, customers are only able to click on a button notifying them of the availability of the said products. It seems Sony is timing the release of the products with the arrival of the 4K TV.

A View of the Future

People are big on clarity and high definition, and this may have translated into the 4K display as well as the technology to be able to make your home into a true theater system. The only problem is that the quality of movies on home DVDs should catch up quickly, or else, these 4K sets stand to face the pariah of being released too soon.


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