Android Phone Trick: Launch Apps Quickly By ‘Calling’ Them Using T9 Launcher

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Access apps right from the phone dialler with the new T9 Launcher (Image courtesy of Goolge Play)

There are a multitude of launchers for Android devices available on Google Play. Most of them are free and offers lots of choices when it comes to interface, accessibility, and functionality. But did you ever come across one that lets you access certain apps by using the phone dialler? That feature is being offered by the new T9 Launcher. It may sound like a cool party trick but it?s practical at the same time.

T9 Launcher features

The launcher is gaining steam recently as it has been featured in the XDA Portal News. Aside from sporting Material Design aesthetics, it offers predictive searches and allows you to launch applications just by dialling them up. This is how your Android phone will look like if it?s layered with the T9 Launcher.

T9 Launcher interface (Image courtesy of Google Play)

T9 Launcher interface (Image courtesy of Google Play)

Here are the features described in the launcher?s Play Store listing:

  • Fast launching
  • Predictive searches, learns your usage patterns.
  • Material-based theme, includes automatic themes depending on your wallpaper.
  • Dial numbers directly from the dialpad, no need to go into the phone app.

User reviews

This launcher, which is made by a developer named?Dagsverket, currently has a 4.3 rating on Google Play. Some users like how it displays big app icons and how it utilizes the dialler as a shortcut for opening frequently used apps. However, there are those that complains about bugs and other features that they wish to be integrated in the launcher soon. What?s great is that Dagsverket is regularly replying to user reviews and assuring them that he?s working to fix any issue.

How to use the T9 Launcher

You don?t have to do much, the T9 Launcher doesn?t even require root access. All you need is an Internet connection to download it right from the Play Store. When installation is done, set T9 Launcher as your home screen and you?re good to go. Use the home button to bring up the dial pad, dial the numbers designated for an app then tap on ?Launch.? Long-pressing Launch will display details and other options.


Photo Credit: ?T9 Launcher – Google Play

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