Android Phone & Tablet Hack: On-Screen Gesture Commands Using Swipe Navigation

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How install and use the Swipe Navigation app (Image courtesy of Google Play)

One of the major reasons why Android users choose Google?s mobile platform over Apple?s iOS is the openness of its system. Third party developers can freely tweak anything they want within many Android devices and make it work the way they want. While jailbreaking iPhones has long been possible, and is now legal to some extent, the range of devices powered by Android OS gives it an edge over Apple?s arguably closed software environment.

Smartphones and tablets running Android can be installed with many applications outside the Google Play store. One of the drawbacks is that users can be at risk for malware that are hiding behind seemingly harmless apps. However, a lot of users still think that customization opportunities significantly overshadow the risks.

Speaking of customization, we recently discovered an Android app called Swipe Navigation. Its main purpose is to let you replace the on-screen navigation functionalities present in the stock Android interface. Learn more about it below.

Set your own swipe gesture commands

Swipe Navigation allows you to set predetermined gesture commands. For example, you can configure it in such a way that when you swipe from the bottom of the screen, the device will automatically play music or launch a certain application. We ran across this amazing app in this XDA forum thread wherein a senior XDA member explained how it can be used.

Swipe Navigation features

The app offers not just the usual upward or downward swipe options. It actually is capable of being configured with up to nine swipe gestures:

  • Left Swipe
  • Center Swipe
  • Right Swipe
  • Left Edge Swipe
  • Right Edge Swipe
  • Two Finger Left Swipe
  • Two Finger Right Swipe
  • Three Finger Swipe
  • Four Finger Swipe

The side portion of the screen where the gestures can be detected from are also customizable. What?s cool about it that it doesn?t display any UI element like an icon or slide bar on the screen. Here are some screenshots from the app’s interface showing how you can tweak various swipe commands.

Swipe Navigation features (Image courtesy of Google Play)

Swipe Navigation features (Image courtesy of Google Play)

How to use the Swipe Navigation app

Since this application delves a little deeper into Android?s interface, root access is required for it to be installed. You can head to the Swipe Navigation Play Store listing to download it and check out some of the developer?s notes on how to install it here.


Photo Credit: ?Swipe Navigation – Google Play

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