‘Android Pay’ Vs ‘Apple Pay’ Vs ‘Google Wallet’: Is It The Really The Better Payment Option?

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The newest payment app from Google will be releasing today, so here?s what you should look forward to it.

If you are wondering what makes Android Pay different with the old Google Wallet, basically it?s the easier and much convenient version of Google Wallet. Android Pay is more of a tap-to-pay feature and does not require a separate app to use it, unlike in Google Wallet where you need to run the app and then enter your PIN to complete a transaction, Android Pay does not require you to enter any PIN, all you have to do is just tap it on a credit card terminal and you have made your purchase.

If you are worried about the security for Android Pay due to its easy transaction method, it has extra layers of security to ensure your accounts are safe in case you lost your phone. Android Pay does not send your credit card number in your payment, instead, it uses a virtual account number to represent the user?s account info, making it secure. It also tracks your transaction records, it will show where the transaction happen, ensuring that you can identify any suspicious transactions, and finally in case you lost your phone, you can use the Android Device Manager to lock your lost phone from anywhere or even wipe off your personal information from that phone.

Android Pay Vs Apple Pay Vs Google Wallet: 3-way war

Now what makes it better than Apple?s Apple Pay? Well the good news with Android Pay is that it is not a hindrance in reconfirming transactions, unlike in Apple where you require a secondary payment ID for authentication, in Android Pay, it uses its system lockscreen as its mode of security

And also the biggest advantage is that Android Pay is compatible to older 2013 smartphones as long as it runs in Android 4.4 KitKat and has NFC function, compared with Apple Pay where it is only available to the newer iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

It is still hard to say on how successful Android Pay will be, but with Google expanding the new payment method across America with more support from major credit card companies, it?s no surprise if they can surpass Apple and making the tap-to-pay transaction a norm.

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