‘Android One’: Google’s Latest Android Mobile OS for Cheap Smartphones

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Android One
Android One

Google?s not slacking off with Google IO 2014 as they made the announcement about their new mobile operating system called ?Android One?.

Android One is most likely to be a smaller brother to Google?s main Android Operating System, and it is a unique software that will provide workspace for producing high-quality, but very affordable smartphones.

It is a version of stock Android, but it will still allow OEMs to install significant local applications for specific regions. It will automatically install updates from Google, just like how it is with Nexus and Google Play edition phones.

Google Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, demonstrated a cheap, under $100-dollar smartphone that runs on Android One. It was a 4.5? screen, dual-SIM smartphone with SD Card slot and FM Radio. These are the features that matter greatly in countries like India, where Android One is said to be launching first.

With Android One, Google is hoping that it will be able to reach out to 5 billion more people around the world who still doesn?t ?have a smartphone. This was the same campaign that Nokia and their entry-level Android-powered, but Windows looking smartphone, Nokia X series was all about as well.

“Our goal is to reach the next 5 billion people in the world,” Pichai stated. “If you look at all the OEMs in these countries, each of them has to reinvent the world. And in the fast-paced mobile industry, they have to build a new smartphone within nine months.”

Android One is set to launch first in India this fall and Pichai also mentioned that Google is already working with local carriers in the said country to provide affordable plans with the help of local phone brands like Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice. A worldwide release is going to follow afterwards.

Alongside Android One in the Google IO 2014 event was ?Android L?, which you might want to check out too.

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