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Android O Name Is Orange? All The Details We Know So Far

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Google has already unveiled a portion of the next iteration of its Android mobile operating system in the form of the developer’s preview last month. While the majority of its features is still under wraps including its official name, there are already suggestions as to what the Android 8.0 will officially be called.

It’s no secret that Google has always had a sweet tooth. All of its mobile OS save for its very first version have been named after sweets. Although the tech giant has not yet confirmed anything about the Android O name beyond its initial, everyone assumes it’ll keep the tradition for the next version. Currently leading the race is the name ‘Oreo,’ but there’s a high chance it will be named ‘Orange’ instead.

HindustanTimes claims Google could ditch the popular cookie and give in to the pleasures of the savory and sour fruit. One side of the circles on the official logo is orange. That alone makes the Orange name possible. It is also widely recognizable and pronounceable especially to the Western market which what created the platform and what continues to drive its market. Sure, it’s a little more generic than Android Oreo but Google doesn’t have to partner with Nabisco or any tyrannical confectionary megacorporation for the matter to go with this name.

If not, we might get something Orange like Orangesicle, Orange Juice, and the like. But we don’t really know for sure. Oreo remains the strongest contender to date mainly because of its brand recognition. Other name suggestions include Oatmeal, Orellete, Oatcake, and Onion Rings. Whichever Google picks, Android O should feature a ton of upcoming improvements and elements, from battery life to various viewing modes.

We’ve rounded up everything we expect from Android 8.0 below. Keep reading!

What are the new features coming to Android O?

As reported previously, several new features have been confirmed coming to the next OS update including a notification channel that breaks notifications into segments so that users can select what they want to hear about on a more granular level. Google also included the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature available in Android TV. PiP allows users to take video content from one app with them while they browse another app.

Apart from that, there are adaptive icons, background limits, and keyboard control and connectivity enhancements as well. Check out the rest of the Android O features here.

When is the Android O release date?

It is not clear at this point, but Google has promised to deep-dive into its features at Google I/O 2017. The 11th annual I/O conference will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California from May 17 to May 19. The company first rolled out Android Nougat in August 2016 so the chances are we’ll also see its successor around that month this year.


Which devices are getting Android O?

The same handsets which can download the Android O developer preview will likely be the first ones to receive the final version. They are Nexus 5, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL. All devices released not more than three years ago is also expected to get the next Android update but with varying release dates.

If you have a recent flagship phone or tablet from a well-known brand like Sony, HTC, LG, or Samsung, it’s likely you’ll receive the OTA update within the first few months of 2018. Then again, it depends if the hardware manufacturer and mobile operator are already geared up to roll it out, which can slow things down.

What are your expectations from Android 8.0? What do you think will the next version of Android be called? Comment your suggestions below!

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