Android O Name Is Oreo: Release Date, Features & What We Know So Far

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As expected, we learned more details about the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, dubbed Android O for now, at the annual Google I/O developer conference last week.  It is the eighth version of the OS (Android 8.0), and even though the company already revealed some features in the developer preview that launched earlier this year, there’s a whole bunch of new goodies that Google showcased at the show.

To keep you updated, we rounded up what we know below, including the Android O name, features, and release date.

Android O Name Is Oreo?

Google hasn’t announced the official name of Android O at the conference, however there were some clues that screams Oreo is what exactly the next version of the OS will be called. According to TechRadar, Oreos were among the snacks that were served at Google’s press room. The publication says “It’s one of a handful of snacks, but really stands out among the pack.”

The tech giant did not open up a name voting to the public as well. At the annual conference last year, we can recall Android fans had the opportunity to pick the name of Android N. However, this year, there wasn’t even a peep about holding an Android O naming contest and it could be because Google already settled in a name which could very well be the world’s favorite cookie.

After all, the OS maker already collaborated with Nabisco for the mobile-based ‘Oreo Space Dunk Challenge’ game. Not to mention, Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer’s teases on Twitter.

Android O name wild cards include Android Oatmeal Cookie and Android Orange.

Android O Features

Android users can expect a lot of updates when the roll out of version 8.0 starts later this year. These includes the following:

  • Picture-in-picture suport to all third-party video apps. This lets users continue watching a video in the corner of the screen while simultaneously browsing another app.
  • Autofill extenstion to third-party apps.  If you have your password and username saved in Google, credentials will be filled automatically after opting in and opening an app.
  • Notification Dots. Tiny dots appear on an app icon as alerts roll in. You can long-press the dot and see the notification right from the home screen instead of launching the app first or pullong down the notifications menu.
  • Notification Channels to sort through notifications of a specific type.
  • Adaptive icons that customizes app logos in  theoperating system to look more uniform across devices.
  • WiFi Aware to transfer files over a wifi connection without the need for an internet connection.
  • Background execution limits on how much apps can run in the background to protect battery life and free up memory.
  • Google Play Protect that will scans devices on a regular basis in addition to scanning every app users will install to protect against malware.
  • New emojis
  • Redesigned Settings menu and revamped file manager.

Android O Release Date

During its I/O keynote, Google said the latest version would come later ‘in the summer’ which is the same timeframe it gave last year with Nougat. As previously reported, we’ll likely see the final version launch late August or early September. It should be followed by upgrades on Google devices, with Android O also set to feature on Google’s 2017 flagship, the forthcoming Pixel 2.

In the meantime, patrons can download the Android O beta which is already available for download today. Note, though, that the build is still unstable, so we advise not installing it on your primary device.

Eligible Devices

As reported previously, the same handsets which can download the Android O developer preview will likely be the first ones to receive the final version. They are Nexus 5, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL. All devices released not more than three years ago should be able to get the next Android update too but with varying release dates.

If you have a recent flagship phone or tablet from a well-known brand like Sony, HTC, LG, or Samsung, it’s likely you’ll receive the OTA update within the first few months of 2018. Then again, it depends if the hardware manufacturer and mobile operator are already geared up to roll it out, which can slow things down.

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