Android O Name Is Oatmeal Cookie, Not Oreo? Here’s What We Know So Far

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It’s almost time for the release of the final Android 8.0 developer preview. By now, Google should be putting some finishing touches on the build set for roll out sometime later this month or any day now. Although the final version of the operating system won’t arrive until August, we can expect that the tech giant will be announcing the official Android O name very soon.

At this point, what it is exactly called is all guess work but the strongest contender, so far, is Oreo which actually wouldn’t be too farfetched for Google. Android 4.4 was called KitKat, after all. The cookie was also among the snacks served at Google’s press room during the I/O developer conference and there were a few teases on Twitter from Google’s very own Hiroshi Lockheimer.

It’s even the top choice on most poll results. However, other leaks and hints have led some to believe that it could not be Nabisco’s product. The latest potential name to come on to the table is Oatmeal Cookie.

Android Oatmeal Cookie?

According to Myce, there were several references in the Android source code that give a strong indication that Android 8.0 will be codenamed oatmeal cookie. The acronym ‘OC’ was used in some of the source codes of the upcoming version presented on one of the I/O 2017 presentation slides. That said, oatmeal becomes an obvious choice.

Then again, the site says they’re not entirely sure ‘oc’ is an abbreviation of oatmeal cookie. Google could only be using the acronym as an internal Android 8.0 codename which usually differs from public names. As a reminder, Android 4.4 Kitkat was codenamed Key Lime Pie, Android Lollipop was Lemon Meringue Pie, and Android N was codenamed New York Cheesecake.

This means Android Oatmeal Cookie could still be Android Other when the final version is released.

Google has not provided a specific release date for the final Android O version apart from saying it would be available “later this summer.” But it will likely get an August release.

What do you think the next version of Android will be called? Let us know in the comments section below!

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