Android Nougat Vs Marshmallow: Which One’s The Tastier OS?

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Android Nougat

As Android recently announced its upcoming new operating system, the Android Nougat, some are wondering how it will compare to its current OS, the Android Marshmallow.

The latter was released late last year to several good reviews. However, there were still feedback about how the Android Marshmallow definitely still needs improvement.

The need to improve on certain aspects of Android M made people more eager to see what Android N actually has to offer. The anticipation began when details about the new Android OS were first leaked earlier this year. Now that the Android N OS has officially been announced – along with its official name, Android Nougat – we?ve narrowed down the comparisons to the latter and its predecessor to two important features:


The Android Marshmallow carried features such as ?arranging quick toggles? and creating ?dark themes.? However, the core look of the OS are supposedly ?nothing new? compared to other custom ROM?s in the market.

Insider info on the upcoming Android Nougat stated that its best features include an improved notification shade and ?Doze?, night mode and more. The new operating system will also allegedly include a VR mode that is customized for the recently launched VR headset, ?Daydream?. This will allow ?Daydream? users to support a number of different Android devices. It will also make the most out of intelligent head-tracking and stereo notifications that work for VR.



Android Marshmallow introduced multi-window tasking to Android OS. This allowed apps to be opened simultaneously in one window. While some users may have found it convenient, there are others who supposedly found it unappealing because of how it ?can lead to a confusing experience.?

This same feature is also available in the Android Nougat update and has been receiving better reviews than its predecessors. The app allowed users to perform two different tasks at the same time via a split screen display.

Other multitasking updates to carried by Android N include sustained performance mode, keyboard shortcuts helper and reply to a notification without opening an application.


The bottom line is: yes, the Android Marshmallow was a beneficial upgrade for many. However, Android Nougat would likely address and provide solutions to its predecessors? many areas of needed improvement. Some claim that it even includes features that make it better than Apple?s upcoming iOS 10.

There is still no official release date for the Android Nougat. Several reports have predicted that it will be launched this summer.

How do you think will Android Nougat fare compared to Android Marshmallow? Sound in on the comments below and keep following TheBitBag for updates on today?s latest operating systems.


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