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Android N Packs New Anti-theft Feature

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Google will soon be announcing the official name of its upcoming Android N. The tech company is almost ready to unveil the final build of its Android N and it?s expected to be coming out at some point in the next few months, according to BGR.

Google recently took to social media and opened a portal where people will be able to submit possible names for Android N. The tech company will supposedly announce the official name ?in a few weeks? so it will come down to maybe at least two to three months before they officially unveil the mobile platform.

Android N new security feature

Google is also reported to add a new security feature for Android N that will allow users to ?brick? their phone completely when it gets lost or stolen. The new feature, recently labelled as ?Nuclear Wipe? will help users protect their data and could help lessen stolen smartphones.

Another feature of the Android N is the support for pressure-sensitive screens. Most users also know this feature as the Force Touch that is available for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Having pressure-sensitive screens for the mobile platform?could mean that Android is looking to take advantage of the feature of other devices. It does not mean that you should expect every Android phones to have this feature in the near future, according to the Verge.

On the other hand, the upcoming Android platform will also be able to support virtual reality. Ars Technica mentioned that the second Android N Developer Preview contained details for a ?VR Listener? and ?VR Helper? apps which obviously indicates a connection to a virtual reality platform. Features for the virtual reality platform are still unclear. However, according to the Verge, Google is taking time in fixing the Android ?to work better with VR devices ahead of its own smartphone-compatible handset.?

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