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Android N Vs iOS 9.3: Who Wins The Battle Of Best OS?

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Google just recently revealed an Android N developer preview that pretty much got everybody excited since it was announced earlier than expected, according to BGR. With the long-ensuing battle of mobile operating systems – particularly between Apple iOS and Google Android – not stopping anytime soon, we take a look at who could be considered as the better OS.

Android N vs iOS 9.3

After Google announced the release of the Android N preview, developers have examined the new features that it had to offer. BGR shared that ?they discovered a bunch of functionality that is already available in iOS 9.? BGR also indicated that it doesn?t mean Google ?stole? the features from Apple but finally applied it to Android, ?which means they?ll be native Android features that will make their way to many Android devices in the years to come.?

Apple also recently released their iOS 9.3 preview that plans on taking it in augmented reality and VR innovations. Unfortunately, iOS 9.3 still won?t have the VR innovations. However, according to a research note picked up by Apple Insider, Munster explained that ?a timeline of recent purchases and hires by the company suggests that iOS support for ?mixed reality? applications could be set for launch as soon as 2018.?

When it comes to the case concerning Google?s Android N developer having similar features in iOS 9, 9to5Mac shared the list of the same features which includes ?split-screen multitasking, picture-in-picture mode, the ability to reply to notifications from the notification shade, and a Night Mode screen brightness setting.? ?

As of now, Apple may be ahead of the OS curve with their iOS 9.3 as they are already planning features in augmented reality and VR innovations. However, Google should eventually find its way to come up with better and capable features. Google may have made the right decision in early Android N developer preview, so that they could eventually be considered as a better OS.

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