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Android N OS is something that many Android users have been looking forward to. Google surprised everyone when they released the first developer preview earlier this month, according to AndroidAuthority. Now it seems that more great news for Android fans as it has been reported that Google has just released an update to improve the performance of all devices running on Android N.

According to a report from OppTrends, Google has just released an over the air update for all ?devices running on the developer preview of the new OS. The report states that the update is to improve performance of the Android N devices and will be available only for the Nexus 5X, 6P and 4G smartphones.

While the first update was released a lot earlier than many expected, Google did mention that it plans to release newer versions of Android N in the next four to six weeks. Ultimately the plans of Google to enable developers to publish apps to devices running on the developer?preview could be right on track.

There are many exciting new features which are expected to be available in Android N. According to AndroidPit, Multi-window mode is one of these and it could bring the functionality available on some Samsung and LG gadgets to Android N devices. According to the same report, a new notifications panel could be available with the the new Android OS.

While Android N is still in the development stage, the possible names for the OS is already a hot topic for debate. AndroidPolice has reported that Google has been calling it the New York Cheesecake though this is far from the official name attached to the OS. Other possible names which have been suggested for the new OS?are Noodles, Nachos, Nori, Nougat and Neapolitan Ice Cream.

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