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Android N Name ?Nougat? Giving The New OS A Wrong Impression?

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Android Nougat

The Android N name is being bashed because of of how its monicker ? Android Nougat – might be giving the new OS a wrong impression.

Google reportedly came up with a global search for the best Android N name. Now that it has been announced that the new OS will officially be called Nougat, reviews have poured in about how the tech giant could have come up with a better name.

Nougat is a hard, chewy white or pink sweet snack that usually contains nuts. ?Popular nougat treats include the Snickers bar and other chocolates such as Three Musketeers and Baby Ruth.

While these snacks definitely have a wide following, tech insiders have pointed out that nougat in itself is actually ?disgusting.? Some said it is ?stupid? to name the new Android OS after the said snack, pointing out that nougat ?can get stuck on your teeth? and that eating it ?involves endless chewing? ? a not so enjoyable sensation that you would want your OS to be associated with.


Nougat is a hard, chewy white or pink sweet snack that usually contains nuts.

The characteristics of nougat also seems to similar to the predecessor of Android N, the Android Marshmallow. This could mean that the new OS might not even have a lot of new characteristics that would make it stand out from the one released before it.

Netizens have also shared their preferred names for Android N. These include Android Nutella, Android Nesquick, Android Nectarine, and Android Nerds.

Google announced the official Android N name earlier this week via Android?s Twitter account.

?Introducing #AndroidNougat. Thank you, world, for all your sweet name ideas! #AndroidNReveal,? the tweet read.

The Android Nougat statue was also unveiled at the Google headquarters.

Android Nougat is currently available to Google?s registered developers. It still has no official release date for smartphones, but many speculate that it will be launched this summer.

The anticipation over Android N began when details about the new OS were leaked earlier this year.

Even with harsh critics bashing the Android N name, many are still looking forward to the actual OS, which some claim would be better than Apple?s upcoming iOS 10.

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