Android Marshmallow Vs Lollipop: 5 Features Only The New OS Can Do

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Excited on the upcoming launch of Android?s newest version? Here are five features that are only available to Android Marshmallow.

When you purchased the new Nexus 6P or updating any supported smartphones. You might be wondering what magic the Android Marshmallow can show to us. We picked up five cool features that is only available for the latest Android version that would not be seeing in older versions like the Android Lollipop. So read on and find that are these five unique features.

Google Now on Tap

You can active Google Now on Tap by long-pressing the Home button. Google Now on Tap basically tries to understand the context on your emails and messages that can provide you with nifty information, for example you received a place reference, with Google Now on Tap, you can get navigation directions and even a link to its Street View for a more detailed information, or you received a message about a movie, you can get movie trailer links, IMCB link or even a Wikipedia entry.

USB Type-C compatibility

Your old smartphone may not have a USB type-C connector, but that does not mean it does not support the Type-C cable (USB Type-C cables are backwards compatible). Aside from having reversible port, it offers faster battery charging speed and data transfer.

Using the fingerprint scanner

With the fingerprint scanner available on the new smartphones, Android Marshmallow finally has support on it, meaning you can use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, purchase games from Android Play, logging into your social media account any many more.

Letting your smartphone sleep

With the new Doze feature, you can save more on your battery by letting your phone go into hibernation mode, where it disables some battery-eating apps which can provide more juice to your battery life, and it can be automatically be activated when the phone becomes stationary for a while.

Swipe left to activate voice controls

Android Marshmallow introduces a new shortcut to access the voice controls, you can now just swipe left on your screen to open the voice control feature and do a search into anything.

Android Marshmallow will be available in new smartphone models and the update for the older smartphones will start to rollout next year.

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