Android Marshmallow Release Date And Features: What We Know So Far

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Google has already previewed their latest Android OS Developer build at the previous Goggle I/P 2015. So what did Google show about the upcoming Android 5.2? Let?s list of the things that we will expect more on the next mobile OS.

Release Date

Sorry, the Android Marshmallow won?t be releasing today, but the OS will be available to the new Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 (due to release in 4th Quarter of 2015) and Samsung?s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, it will then soon follow to other devices as an update either in late 2015 or early 2016. Many have speculated that the Android Marshmallow will have the same treatment as with Android Lollipop where it was released at Google I/O 2014, the same day it was announced.


What can you expect?

Based from the details from Google I/O 2015, Marshmallow will focus more on bug fixes from the previous versions, and it will also concentrate on the six areas: App Permissions, Web Experience, App Links, Mobile Payments, Fingerprint Support and Power & Charging. Let?s take a look at the new features.

The App Permissions will let you choose which data will allow certain apps to access, whether it asks to track your location, photos and even contacts. The new feature will let you choose which data will be allowed to track by checking on the apps permission list on your smartphone or tablet.

Track Memory lets you monitor which app consumes the most amount of memory on your device, as well as how frequently are these apps being used or running.

The Quick Fingerprint Access lets you use your fingerprints as login access to certain platforms such as Google Pay, no need to input your password as you can use your fingerprint with the use of the mobile device?s fingerprint scanner to authorize your access.

The Auto Backup feature will automatically backs up all user data and settings from your apps and save it to your linked Google Drive, no need to lose all of your data when switching phones.

And finally the Power Saving feature will introduce the Doze mode; it detects your device if it is not used for a while and will automatically turn into a ultra-power-saving mode, it reduces the background process on your device and save more on your battery life.

So far these are the latest feature that was revealed about Android Marshmallow, we hope to see more info as its release date draws near.

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