Android Marshmallow Release Date And Features: New OS Still Needs Improvement, Here?s Why

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With the release of Android Marshmallow coming our way, there are things you should know before you download the Operating System (OS) to prepare your phone. With every release of Android OS?s every year, a number of features and improvements don?t always come out the way users and developers want them to. So here are some of the things you might want to look at before you get Android M which Google may need to improve on, according to Android Authority.


Features such as ?arranging quick toggles? and creating ?dark themes? which Android Marshmallow offers is a convenient aspect for the new OS, but it still doesn?t compare to other custom ROM?s in the market, shared by Android Authority. According to the website, ?Theming and changes to the core look of the OS are nothing new to the rooting community and it is time Google allows this deep customization in stock Android.?


Multi-window tasking, enabling apps to be opened simultaneously in one window, hasn?t been available to Android OS during the previous years but is now added in the Android M preview, although it is still in the experimental stage, posted by Android Authority. Even though it is convenient to any busy bee users, Android M users may still find it unappealing at ?can lead to a confusing experience,? especially for those who aren?t skilled with the feature.


Limited universal gestures for Android are a bit of a problem for them. Universal custom gestures are helpful in creating shortcuts for long processes, but Android, in a way, doesn?t take advantage of it. ?This could be very useful and could even replace the navigation bar all together by having gestures that act as the back, home, and recent apps controls,? posted by Android Authority.

All-in-all, Google has come a long way since making its first release in 2008, but like any other devices, there is always room for improvement. Android Marshmallow is still on the improving side, but it is still a beneficial upgrade, shared by Android Authority. Android M is set for a release date on Q3 but there is still no official date.

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