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Android?s newest OS, the Android M, is now available for preview for some Sony Xperia users. The operating system, which was announced last month during the Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco, was first made available via a developer?s preview version for some Nexus devices like models 5, 6, 9 and the Nexus Player.

Although still on its experimental version, Sony has announced that Android M can now be downloaded to Xperia phones via Sony?s Open Device Program. It should be noted however, that users must be very cautious in adopting the new OS, citing that it?s worth noting that there are a variety of system changes and some API behavioural changes.

?If your Xperia device is listed?as part of our Open Device program, you can use our easy-to-follow guide?to get instructions on building AOSP M Developer Preview and download the necessary software binaries. ?You can then create your test image, flash it onto your device and explore the Android M Developer Preview platform,? says Sony in one of their blog posts.

The developer?s preview version aims to give developers the necessary tools to prepare for the full Android M release.

Android M, though not as ostentatious compared to the more flashy Android Lollipop, is considered to be more comprehensive in terms of features that will benefit its devices, tagging it as the more polished sister in the Android OS family.

Some of the more notable features include:

App Linking

The new OS will be able to enhance Android?s intent system by providing more powerful app linking. This feature allows you to associate an app with a web domain you own.

App Back-up

The system can now perform automatic full data backup and restore for apps. This behavior is enabled by default for apps targeting Android M, and you won?t need any additional code.

Chrome Custom Tabs

Chrome Custom Tabs allows user to open a dedicated Chrome tab when navigating an app ? providing a faster experience when you?re navigating the web at the same time.

Fingerprint Scanner

Android fully embraces the fingerprint scan with Android M, making it possible to unlock your phone or purchase new apps via Google Play through fingerprint scanning. Of course, your phone needs to have a fingerprint hardware to begin with, but imagine the possibilities of future Android devices.

Power and battery preservation

Perhaps one of the best features of Android M is its capability to help preserve your gadget?s battery life. This can be done via a new function called Doze. With the use of motion detectors, the system can determine if your gadget has not been interacting for while ? whether because you?re sleeping, or you?re doing something which means your phone could just be resting on your desk. Android M then reduces your device?s background functions.

Android M is expected to be fully available on the third quarter of 2015.

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