Android Lollipop 5.1 Tips: 4 Things To Do Before Updating Your Nexus 6 & Nexus 9

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Things you need to do before upgrading your device to the latest version of Android Lollipop OS. (Image via Google)

When Google started rolling out Android Lollipop 5.0 back in November it brought along huge changes in the popular platform, both design-wise (think Material Design) and functionality. Now that the next major update, Android Lollipop 5.1, is official, users can?t seem to wait until the new version is rolled out to their devices.

If you own a device from Google?s own line of co-developed devices such as the new Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet, lucky you! These gadgets are among the first to be treated whenever the Big G releases new firmware. That?s because Nexus models run a stock version of the Android OS; it hasn?t be tweaked and layered by other manufacturers own UI so the rollout of new versions are relatively fast. But before you finally decide to upgrade your Nexus to the latest OS, you might want to heed these tips on how you can prepare.

Create a backup of your files

The emergence of various cloud-based storage along with Google?s own auto-backup features, your files are secure and probably remotely saved already. This step is definitely one of the first things you need to do should you update any of your device or alter it on the software-level. There will always be a chance, however unlikely, that updating your Nexus to version 5.1 can be ruined while in transition so it?s better to be safe. Aside from using third-party tools like Dropbox, you can follow Google?s own tips on how you can backup your photos and videos. Head over to this page if you want to take a look.

Gather your login details

This goes hand in hand with the tip mentioned above. If you update a device?s firmware, there?s the possibility that data stored for each application will be lost. It?s prudent to keep a list of your login details for applications that require signing in so you can pick up where you left off.

Update your apps

Folks from GottaBeMobile noticed that it the months prior the release of Lollipop v5.0, a number of third-party apps have been updated to better suit the incoming OS upgrade. However, they can?t say the same thing to all apps in Google Play so they advise Android users to update all of their applications. The site further said that there are times when major software updates wreak havoc on apps from third-party developers. The best thing to do, according to them, is to run the latest version of these apps. You can do it by going to the Play Store App > tap on Menu button > My Apps > then select Update All.

Fully charge your device

If you?re going to install a major software upgrade like this, you better be sure that your Nexus 6?s or 9?s battery is capable of powering the phone until the process is complete. There are lots of tales from Android users mentioning that their handsets are ruined after their batteries went dead in the middle of an update. To be safe, it?s important that your device is at least 50% charged before installing version 5.1.


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