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Android L (Photo Credits to
Android L (Photo Credits to

A surprise move from Google, the giant behind the Android OS revealed their next version of Android, which they currently call ?Android L? or ?L Developer Preview?. It has more than 5,000 APIs and they stated in a keynote that they aim to approach a new radical design.

At the presentation of the new version of Android, we learned some additional info on how Android stands in the global market. It is now on 1 billion active devices per month and that?s not even mere activations. It is the number of active users.

One of the major change in Google?s latest Android OS is the way that the animation handles windows on screen. It is now more connected to one ?another, so it won?t look like you are ?teleporting? from a window to another when switching between active apps. Home, Back and Multitasking windows are going to be greatly refined and enhanced too.

Google has also been working hard on implementing the same Roboto font on almost every app you can come across, so that everything from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TV, etc will look the same and feel more familiar and neat.

Another major change is the way ?notifications appear on your device. They will now appear on top of the screen, so if for instance, you are playing a game, watching a video or reading something online, you have the choice to take it or not, without interrupting what you have been doing. The same would likely be done with messages and emails. These notifications are also getting a major makeover. Only those notifications relevant to you are going to pop up, based on how they interact with your device. They are also integrated with the lockscreen so you get to see them right away without even unlocking your device.

Lockscreen became smarter too. It can now recognize you if you are wearing a Bluetooth device, and will unlock automatically without a PIN.

Aside from these, there are even more features added (and still being added) to Android L, like improved battery performance, 64-bit compatibility, a much more voice-controlled Watch, greater design, a well-integrated Search function, and more.

The L Developer Preview is going to be available for download tomorrow, but there?s no final word yet on when it will be released for the public version of “Android L”, aside from being stated that its release date will be ?the fall?.

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