Android HummingBad Malware: How To Tell Your Phone Is Affected?

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Android HummingBad Malware

Bad news for Android users, word about the HummingBad malware are circulating on the internet. It is reported that the malware has already affected 10 million Android devices around the globe. Here are the details to know whether your device is infected or not.

Users should know how the HummingBad malware can affect your devices. Checkpost Software Technologies Ltd. has posted a pdf file on its blog about the details of HummingBad. This malware is more harmful than ?Stagefright?. The malware collects the data from the device and somehow automatically launch the ads via different applications. It is reported that HummingBad installs more than 50,000 illegal apps per day. It works either by taking root in the devices with a rootkit that exploits multiple vulnerabilities or with a fake system update notification.

To know if your phone has HummingBad, you should install anti-virus apps like Avast, Bitdefender or AVG. These apps will detect malware, however, this will not repair your Android device. Unfortunately, there is just one way to permanently delete HummingBad and that is to factory reset your phone. Once the device is reset, users should make sure not to install apps for unknown sources. One should prefer the Google Play store to download apps.

A group of Chinese cyber criminals is operating HummingBad alongside a legitimate Chinese advertising analytics company. According to reports, Yingmob has 25 employees, and they are making $10,000 per day with this malware. Their app displays more than 20 million advertisements per day.

According to Checkpost the situation will get worse in the upcoming future as other hackers can use the same technique to develop similar malwares. They will find new ways to launch these malware on other platforms. The Yingmob has already launched the iOS malware called Yispecter. They used the same C&C server addresses and install illegal apps to gain revenue.

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