Android Hackers Can Steal Your Fingerprints

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A new Android Security Risk has just surfaced, and it can mean stealing of your biometrics details. Forget the notion that your fingerprints are a secure and safe way of protecting your Android phone from loot information because hackers have found a way to stealthily steal fingerprints on your phone.

The annual Black Hat Security Conference announcements from FireEye researchers Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang have disclosed that the Android fingerprint framework, which uses biometrics to unlock your device, may be vulnerable to attacks from hackers, reported by Tech Radar.

Threats of the attack are mostly restricted to Android devices that have fingerprint sensors which include Samsung, Huawei, and HTC devices, according to ZDNet. Named as the ?fingerprint sensor spying attack?, it is defined as an action that ?remotely harvest fingerprints in a large scale,? shared by Zhang from an email by ZDNet.

?Making matters worse, the sensor on some devices is only guarded by the ?system? privilege instead of root, making it easier to target. Once the attack is in place, the fingerprint sensor can continue to quietly collect fingerprint data on anyone who uses the sensor,? ZDNet posted.

Some of the manufacturers of the device have already released security patches to fix the vulnerability, according to the report from the researchers posted by Times of India. But the researchers also mentioned about the Apple iPhone?s more secure and stable fingerprint data, because attackers won?t be able to get any fingerprint from an iPhone even if they are able to instantly pore over the Touch ID sensor, stated Times of India.

Fingerprint authentication has been viewed as to what may be the future of security for any mobile device. But what the vulnerability of the mobile?devices has shown may be a crucial reminder that it is still on the road to improvement.

In other news, the Stagefright hack is also one of the biggest Android vulnerability to date. For more information regarding Stagefright, check out this link.


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