Android Hack: Install Xiaomi’s MIUI Lite ROM On Any Android Phone Or Tablet

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Here?s how you can enjoy MIUI Lite, Xiaomi?s famous user interface, on your Android device (Image courtesy of

Xiaomi?s growing line of smartphones and tablets don?t run the stock Android OS. The Chinese device maker always layer their models with its own user interface called MIUI. If you?re looking for a way on how to get it running on your non-Xiaomi handset, read on and find out how.

What is MIUI?

MIUI (say ?Me You I?) is a play on the abbreviation of user interface and the company ?MI? brand, which stands for Mobile Internet or Mission Impossible. It reflects the struggles that Xiaomi Tech had to deal with in its early years.

This custom firmware is a product of in-house development by the company and is based on the open-source Android operating system. Many user have been enjoying it because it resembles Apple?s iOS UI and Samsung?s TouchWiz UI. It also offers some features that are not present in stock Android such as theme support.

This custom firmware is not available to Android phones and tablets from other device makers but a user in the MIUI forums managed to come up with a workaround. A user going by the moniker ?Nanana? posted a thread showing how you can install MIUI Lite or MIUI Express on your Android device. That?s basically a toned down version of MIUI and functions somewhat like a launcher.

How it looks like

Upon installing MIUI Lite, this is how your device?s interface should appear.

Screenshots of MIUI Lite running on a non-Xiaomi Android device (Image courtesy of

Screenshots of MIUI Lite running on a non-Xiaomi Android device (Image courtesy of

Here are some of the features that MIUI Lite has in store:

  • MIUI Launcher
    • Unique themes created by renowned designers
    • Customization on another level
  • MIUI Dialer
    • Refined call experience
    • Block unwanted calls
  • MIUI Messaging
    • Free cloud messaging with MIUI users
    • Block spam texts
  • Mi Cloud
    • Sync your contacts, SMS and images
    • Store & access content conveniently

How to install MIUI Lite

All you have to do is download the file installer from here. However, there?s a few system requirement in order for this MIUI Lite version to work. First, your phone should obviously be a non-MIUI ROM device (i.e. non-Xiaomi) and must run Android v4.0 and above. 1GB worth of RAM is recommended and 100MB of free memory should be available. Head over to this MIUI forum thread for the full list of features and latest changelogs.



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