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Android Games That You Should Check Out Right Now

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Let?s start off this list with one of the best sports games on mobile phones today, the FIFA 14. It comes free on Android with heaps of additions, and more refined controls than the 2013 version. FIFA 14 lets you choose from 34 different stadiums, 33 leagues, 600 licensed teams and 16,000 players. With a new freemium model and an upgraded gameplay, this standout game most certainly deserve its Editor?s Choice Award.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Sadly, many people just don?t get the point of this ultra-popular mining, building and survival game. But this is a good example of a fun and addictive classic game. Just launch it, go to town and create your home base, craft tools and do some mining. But be careful when traveling at night because monsters will be roaming.

XCOM: Enemy Unknwon
The game?s title means horror, but not literally, as it is basically a turn-based strategy type of game. But the moment your sniper is casually disemboweled with your enemy?s teeth and claws, you will know fear and that death is permanent. You?re not going to win many fights if your squad is full of horrified rookies. This $10 entry is well worth it, but always keep in mind that a hefty dose of luck and careful planning will ensure that your squad will make it home.

Shadowrun Returns
If you grew tired of Baldur?s Gate?s world of elves, magic and intrigue, feel free to try Shadowrun Returns, which is? well, kind of the same actually, but in the future!
This game?s cyberpunk setting has been enthralling gamers for years, and its major return on PC was nothing short of stunning ? of course, the mobile version is pretty good too. Yeah, you?ll be missing out almost all of the brilliant user-created content that will be included only in the PC version, but being able to stroll the game?s intricately detailed world and fight turn-based battles on your Android device is pretty rad. However, even if the game will likely run on your mobile phone, you?re gonna have a hard time navigating its interface ? it would be best to stick with tablets.

NBA Jam by EA Sports
This game is not a completely accurate sports simulation ? though we?ve got to admit that basketball with inexplicable explosions and cameos by heads of state would be much more exciting. What NBA Jam is, however, is an awesome basketball arcade game made in a pocketable form, with well refined controls and fun match-ups.

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