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Android For PC Wows Supporters Of Remix Mini

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Remix Mini
Remix Mini

Touted as the world?s first true android for PC, the Kickstarter project ?Remix Mini? wowed supporters by showing its capability to fully use all apps in the Android ecosystem with a?PC experience in mind and banks on productivity for its users.

The Remix Mini is 64-bit a mini-PC which runs a custom Android Lollipop 5.0 version and runs ‘Remix OS’. The development team includes?three former Google engineers. The device does not content itself with merely being able to use Android apps as it optimizes the apps and greatly allows multitasking with a taskbar at the bottom of the screen to keep your workflow clutter-free.

?Remix Mini is a tiny PC. It gives you a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC,? the Kickstarter project says adding that the Remix Mini was custom engineered for big touchscreens and attached keyboards. This is beneficial as the Android OS is made with small devices in mind.

PC With Optimized Optimized Android Apps And Multitasking Features

Remix OS has a taskbar

Remix OS has a taskbar for easier workflow management.

Users will no longer have to contend with opening Android apps one-by-one. Just like with a PC, users can open multiple applications simultaneously and even open and display multiple windows running on the screen. The best thing for this device are the over 1.5 million available applications on Android, all of which can be used on the Remix Mini.

The Android applications are fully optimized by the Remix OS and makes it look at home on a computer. If you longed for productivity on your smartphones or tablets, the Remix OS?is your answer. The company even Kickstarted ?Ultrablet? last year which also allows a tablet to efficiently use Android applications which is now being offered in the Remix Mini.

You can fill the Remix Mini with notes app for all your reminders and to-do-lists. As compared to Android, you won?t have to swipe between pages as applications fill your screen because of the nifty taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The Remix Mini also features a file manager that actually makes your files and documents visibly searchable. It also has its own email client and a mobile office.

An Affordable Mini-PC

The Remix Mini can be opened with a gentle press

The Remix Mini can be opened with a gentle press of a finger.

The Remix Mini is true to its name as it only looks like a small doughnut with only 1-inch in Height, 4.9 inch in length, and 3.5 inch in width. Powering the device can be done by gently tapping the top of the device.

Don?t worry about the cost of this device as it is only priced at $30 on Kickstarter or $20 for early birds. It is also energy efficient as it consumes a mere 10 watts.

The Remix Mini is powered by a 1.2 GHz 64-bit Cortex-A53 CPU. It has an 8GB storage with 1GB RAM, or an upgradable 2GB RAM and 16GB storage ($40 for early bird pledge or $50 for standard offer). The Remix Mini supports 4k HDMI output. It has two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, a HDMI port, a headphone port, and Bluetooth 4.0.

The project is now at $540,000?on Kickstarter, nearly 11 times over its target goal of $50,000 to make the project possible.?The campaign currently has 8,200 backers and nearly 540,000 people has pledged with 39 more days to go.

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