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Android Captures 62% of Global Tablet Market, Leapfrogging iOS ? Gartner

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The iOS had been reigning supreme in the tablet market since the iPad was launched in 2010. However, the Apple OS have always had a tight rivalry with Android. From the smartphone arena, Android also made its strong entry in tablet sales. According to a recent Gartner report, Android tablet grew largely in its 2013 sales than any OS. The company?s tablet sales rose from 53.3 million units in 2012 to an incredible 121 million units in 2013.

iOS Share Declined to 36% in 2013

Gartner said that global tablet sales in 2013 reached 195.4 million units, equivalent to a growth of 68 percent from the year 2012. iOS tablet sales may have grown during the 4th quarter of 2013, but its share went down to 36 percent. The global tablet sales growth in 2013 was fueled by the consumers? desire to have cheaper and smaller screen tablets, as well as the increase in the number of first time buyers. The figures conclude that Android got the number 1 spot in the tablet OS, taking 62 percent of the global market share.

Tablets made waves the previous year, offering a large number of Android ? powered tablets being sold at a cheaper price but with adequate specifications. According to Gartner research director Roberta Cozza, vendors will face a tough challenge this year as the Android tablet market becomes highly commoditized.

Lenovo Grew 198% in 2013 with Less than 6% Global Market Share


Looking at the other side of the statistics, Lenovo did well with its 2013 tablet sales. The company only has less than 6 percent of the global tablet market share, but grew in sales to 198 percent. Their introduction of innovative tablet models last year and the sales of its Windows and Yoga tablets triggered the company?s progress. Lenovo?s R&D also drove them to winning a portion of the market. However, it remains a challenge for the company to establish a strong position outside China.

Gartner is expecting a change in these figures this year, as buyers are beginning to switch to hybrid ultramobiles. This will satisfy users who would like to have only one mobile device that perform functions given by multiple devices. Cozza said that there is a possibility to combine the features of a PC and a tablet into a hybrid ultramobile as an attractive alternative in the industry.

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