Major Android Apps Updated: Google Brings New Features To The Hangouts, Translate, and YouTube App

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Hangouts, YouTube, and Translate updated by Google

For Google, a week will not be complete without rolling out a few updates here and there. On Wednesday, the tech mega-company released Android apps updates that will further improve the experience of it steadily growing user base. Those major Android apps (or in this case Google-owned) that got updated are Hangouts, Translate, and YouTube.

Popular video-sharing app YouTube is now in its latest version 5.7. As explained by Android Police, the Android app now has the option for users to manually choose the video quality they want. It means that the streaming quality may now be changed to Auto, 144p, 240p, or the higher resolution 360p or 720p.

Previously, the Android YouTube app only allows the option to switch a video?s HD quality on or off. People usually use this new feature in YouTube?s browser version to speed up the video buffering if their connection is slow.

Another Android app update by Google is the new Hangouts version 2.1.223. The app now allows users to modify notification tones for each contact. This feature can be found within the People and Options menu in the Hangouts Chats.

Although the SMS blocking feature is not new, this update will now make it easier to set up and manage. Performance improvements and various bug fixes for MMS, video calling, and SMS have also been included. ?Hangouts and SMS threads from the same contact are now combined. Users can add a Hangouts widget to their home screens for quicker access.

Meanwhile, the latest Google Translate 3.0.7 provides more bug fixes this time. It?s worth noting that the Android app update is somewhat focused to users in India or to people who travel there often. This is because the Translate app now has phonetic input support for the Hindi language along with several other regional languages within India: Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi. The updated Android app will also inform users if a download is ongoing and how big the file sizes are for each language pack. The app?s interface had also been tweaked a little for a smoother user experience.

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