Android 7 Nougat: 5 Best Features Of New OS According To Google Engineers

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Nougat Update

The Android 7 Nougat is slowly-but-steadily?stealing the thunder off Android 6.0 Marshmallow. While tech portals are busy ferreting out interesting features of the new OS, Google Engineers opted for a Reddit AMA session. During the discussion, the engineers listed down the best features of Android N.

Even though Google has not started rolling out the firmware to all the?eligible Android phones out there, the buzz surrounding this OS version is quite high. Not to forget, the search giant went one step further and asked the Android fans across the globe to?suggest a dessert name for the OS, prior to the launch.

But then, nobody knows if Google really picked the OS name based on the overwhelming suggestions, or the company had it selected already. Perhaps, the whole naming exercise was to give a chance for users to be a part of the OS community. In any case, the heavy expectations and the burden to outdo Marshmallow will keep Google on its toes.

Speaking of generic Android Nougat features, Google has revamped the notification system, in addition to altering the multitasking capabilities of the OS. Apart from these, there are also minor changes, enhancements and fixes. However, the overall look of the UI has not been changed.

With no specific visual changes to flaunt, Google should have worked very hard at the internal improvements. This is exactly what the Google engineers conveyed during the Reddit session.

Android 7 Nougat

Internal Optimizations Deliver Better Performance

One of the engineers named Anwar Ghuloum said: “I?m pretty excited about a bunch of the under the hood improvements we?ve made: JIT, OTA speed, and some big kernel scheduler changes. It?s something no user will see, but hopefully they?ll notice 🙂 In general, I?d like to see us do more with upstream Linux to optimize for mobile.”

Intelligent Doze Mode

Dianne Hackborn said the battery-saver feature ?Doze Mode? in Android N is one of the best aspects. Many changes have been made to the background restrictions to prolong the battery life of the Android device.

A recent observation by Android Police suggested that irrespective of placing the Android handset in??full? or “lite” Doze Modes, the Android 7 Nougat will wake the device on a regular basis so as to allow network access to important apps. And, in the process, it will also run any previously deferred jobs. Ultimately, Google has empowered Doze to take decisions intelligently for the user.

Small-But-Significant Changes

Google?s Chet Haase, on the other hand, noted a bunch of changes in one go: “I love some of the usability features we?ve added in the last few releases, from fingerprint (turning on and unlocking my phone as I take it out of my pocket) to Quick Settings (fast access to things I commonly need to toggle) to the recent apps double-tap (takes you to the previous activity, like Alt-Tab for Android).?

When discussing about under the hood changes, he said Google has been prioritizing performance and continuously investing time, resource and energy in making things faster and smoother.

Multi Window

Meanwhile, Google?s Wale Ogunwale said the Android 7 Nougat?s “Multi-Window? feature is the obvious pick.

Seamless Updates

Engineer Paul Eastham, on the other hand, pointed to the intelligent Doze Mode and the Seamless Updates as the best Android 7 Nougat features.

So, what does Seamless Update do? With Android N, firmware updates will be automatically downloaded and installed in the background. This means device users need not reboot the handset immediately, and need not wait for the installation to complete. This method is however not new to Google, as Chromebooks have this feature already.

Interested readers can check out the?entire Reddit AMA session here.


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