Android 5.1.1 Update Now Available In More Countries

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New Android OS now out.
Adroid 5.1.1 now released

In the early months of 2015, mobile industries appeased consumers with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update which paved the way for a new look in the interface as well as some new features.

However, with the introduction of these nifty features came also new issues particularly with battery performance. In March 2015, Android released Android 5.1.1 to address the reported problems and give users a better experience with the introduction of a few minor changes.

Some countries however have been left in the shaft as the updates were not available in their region like in India. Now, Samsung from other parts of the world will be delighted to know that the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update for its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge has been made available in their countries. Users in India can manually wait for the update or manually download it here, or in your phone?s settings. Users of Galaxy Note 4 in Russia can now download the new software update as well, while other phones that already have the update include the Nexus devices, Moto X, Samsung S5, and Xperia Z3.

Significant Upgrades

Aside from stability and performance updates, Android 5.1.1 will implement new features such as new modes and exposure controls for the camera app, HD voice calling, and a device protection that locks the phone from use until signed-in one?s Google account which bars thieves from using the device even after factory resetting. The new update will also up the API level from 21 to 22 which will help app developers better manage network activities for phones that have two or more SIM slots.

Minor changes have also been implemented such as a visual animation in the quick settings to help the user affirm that they?activated a function like auto-rotate; a more user friendly screen pinning function, a setting that helps users lock certain applications when guests or kids use your phone; and changes to the volume and interruption sliders.
Take heed however in installing the update as several users have reported battery issues, a nuisance for users of Motorolla Droid as the 5.0 update skipped the device and proceeded to the 5.1 instead.
Andoirdorigin said that slow data speeds were also an issue in the new software update. ?While Google invited Nexus users to test the Lollipop update before releasing it to the public, the issues have persisted, disappointingly,? androidorigin said.

To cope with the performance problems, several mobile sites advised users to check big battery draining apps, disable unnecessary services, use dark wallpapers, and factory resetting the phone as a last resort.

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