Android 4.4.3 KitKat release date for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Android KitKat 4.4 has rolled out for almost all current-gen Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That?s saying something right there since carriers and manufacturers (especially Samsung) are notably late and inconsistent when it comes to device updates. Usually, if people want to get their hands on the newest Android version, they get it from the newest and most high-end Android device as well.

Or get the most current Nexus.

Lots of people are wondering when the Android 4.4.3 KitKat release date for Galaxy Note 3 is coming up. Take note that this isn?t just because it?s the newest version of Android; it?s mostly because of that horrid bug that Android 4.4.2 introduced into phones all over the world. If you run on 4.4.2, you?ll notice that your battery drains even more quickly than before. Why?

There?s a current bug that forces certain apps to access your camera. These apps could be anything from Skype to Facebook and unless you have the patience to close your camera app every minute or so, you?re going to have to put up with increased battery drain. That?s why a lot of people, especially Note 3 owners who already have to deal with shortened battery thanks to their large screens, are avidly waiting for the fix.

The bad news is that Android KitKat 4.4.3 release date for Galaxy Note 3 isn’t known yet. The good news is that it?s already being tested and deployed to Google Nexus developer units, as some websites have noticed from their access logs. So don?t fret, the fix is coming your way, possibly in the next few weeks. Just check periodically using Settings > About > Software Updates > Check for software update on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

As of the moment, Android KitKat 4.4.2 users do have a lot of improvements over Jellybean, so the bug isn?t the only feature of the update. Here are some of the current features of Android 4.4.2 KitKat that you most probably have on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

  • Google Hangouts for centralized messaging.

Now, all your Google messages and text messages are under the Hangouts app.

  • Ok, Google.

Voice commands are easier to use on KitKat than on iOS 7.1. Swipe up the home softkey to go to Google Now and say ?Ok, Google,? then your command to use voice control on your Android phone.

  • Album covers and art stream on the screen.

Whenever you?re listening to music, album art and covers are put up as a slideshow behind the screens.

  • Android phones now support full screen viewing.

Readers and media players can now show video without bars and menus.

  • Faster performance.

Google continues to optimize performance on their devices.

  • New dialer app.

Dialing contacts and sifting through numbers is much easier now.

  • Better caller ID.

You can now know who?s calling you even if it?s an unknown number. Android looks for possible matches based on listings online.

  • More emoticons.

Messaging addicts are given more cute emoticons to use.

  • Cloud printing now available.

With the right apps and hardware around you, you can now print using Cloud Print or special HP printers.


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