Andrew McManus Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine: Addiction Getting Out Of Hand?

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A prominent Australian music promoter Andrew McManus has been arrested with his ?involvement in 300 kilograms of cocaine and money laundering.
Andrew is among the other five men who have been arrested for the same. According to a ?report by?Daily Mail UK, the NSW Police and United FBI?s four year ?investigation has led to the arrest of these men. The report further states that the detectives?arrested, the 54-year old music promoter Andrew at the Melbourne Airport while the other three men were arrested in Sydney on Thursday night.
The names of the three men are crime figure Craig Haeusler who is a crime figure, Kings Cross solicitor Michael Croke and Auburn pastry shop owner Zeki Atilgan.
However, McManus has been charged with perverting the course of justice, two counts of intention to defraud by false or misleading statement and knowingly participating in a criminal group.
Sydney Morning Herald?mentions that the international investigation, began by the discovery of a suitcase filled with $700,000 cash at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, also netted the arrest of US businessman Owen Hanson Junior.
The court judgement said, ?Mr Andrew McManus, an Australian concert promoter, wished to ?bring the well-known Texas trio ZZ Top to Australia for a series of concerts.? While one of ?his close friends said, ?Mr McManus was short of funds due to various issues he had had with ?the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He arranged for a Mr Owen Hanson to pay Mr Harold Colfman, the manager of the band, the sum of US$700,000 in cash. Mr Hanson arranged for that sum to be delivered to a runner of Mr Colfman. No receipt, or other record of that transaction, was sought, or provided, or otherwise generate?, reported?Herald Sun.
We guess we will have to wait and how ?the story unfold from here on.
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