Ancient Magus’ Bride Anime Part 2 Release Date; Watch Teaser As North America Awaits Much-Loved Anime

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The second part of The Ancient Magus? Bride – The Man Who Waits for Stars already has a release date just a few days after its first part was released in Japan. But, the question is, when will it be available in the United States?

It was on August 13 when the first part of the three-part anime project hit Japanese theaters. It will run for a limited two-week screening. Now, with just less than a week since its release, the launch of the second part has already been announced, which is going to happen on February 4, 2017.

Furthermore, the first part of the original manga series will have a special edition bundled with the sixth volume and will be released on September 10, 2016. While for the second part, it will also be shipped in a special edition bundled with the seventh volume on March 10.

The launch of the third part of the project is still unknown but according to Anime News Network, the special bundle with the eighth volume will hit the market on September 9, 2017, so expect the movie to hit the theaters some time in August next year.


Meanwhile, for the fans of The Ancient Magus? Bride in America, its anime release in the region is still uncertain. What is definite though is that the manga series has already been released by Seven Seas in North America and fans can already read it.

The story of the manga follows the life of Chise Hatori who has lived a life full of neglect and abuse. Just when she thought all of her hopes are gone, she would meet a man, with the head of a beast and strange powers, and who will change her life forever.

As of now, these are the only details available about the manga series and the three-part anime project of The Ancient Magus? Bride. Stay tuned here on TheBitbag for more updates as well as know if the series will be made available in the United States.

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