Analyst Doubtful Microsoft’s Xbox One X Will Sell

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Analyst skeptic about Xbox One X sales

Earlier this year, Microsoft has brought in the big guns in gaming tech, the Xbox One X. While the next generation console promises high quality gaming at 4K resolutions, some still feel that it is a mere marketing gimmick.

According to an interview with Gaming Bolt, analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities says he feels the Xbox One X will not sell very much. Although he applaud Microsoft’s aim for high-neg gaming, the general idea of the console is still flawed.

Firstly, the price. Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One X is to be priced at $499. Pachter argued that for this much, a gamer can opt for an Xbox One S and a Playstation 4. Effectively bringing more bang for the buck. He even said that if it were up to him, he would have done the same thing.

Analyst skeptic about Xbox One X sales

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Pachter’s next argument is the number of people who owns a 4K TV. Right now, the latest figures suggest that in the U.S. alone, less than 20 percent of the population owns a 4K TV. He feels that the figure is quite upsetting since Microsoft is aiming for a 4K gaming experience on the Xbox One X. Furthermore, for those thinking about getting one, they would have to shell out even more for the 4K resolution television.

In a sense, Pachter’s arguments are quite sound. There will be no point, even for an avid gamer, to own an Xbox One X if he or she does not have a 4K display. Most of the television sets right now are still on the 1080p resolution. Therefore, owning either an Xbox One S or a Playstation 4 would be more practical.

In a way, what Microsoft can do is ease out on the pricing of the Xbox One S. If it can have the price point of the console somewhere above the PS4 Pro, then perhaps many gamers will consider buying one. For more updates on the Xbox One X, be sure to check us out at The Bitbag.

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