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An Ode to Snapchat? Facebook Experiments On New Photo Editing Tool

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Facebook legacy
Social media giant, Facebook has photo editing tool similar to Snapchat.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, if this is the case then Facebook must really, really like Snapchat. This is because the social media titan is currently toying around a new photo uploader, and it looks eerily familiar.

Apart from the already existing filter and cropping options, Facebook will soon be introducing sliders and overlay text, on top of their re-sizable emojis (with Facebook?s sticker database seemingly expanding as well). Very Snapchatty indeed!

It can be remembered that Facebook tried to buy the video messaging application Snapchat to the tune of $3-billion ? twice. And they failed. Twice. Part of the original plan was to integrate Snapchat and rebrand it as Poke, just like Facebook?s first interactive social button.

Years after the failed negotiations, it seems like the only way to go was for Facebook to create their own Snapchat interface and apply it as a photo uploader feature to technically avoid being accused of copying.

The story was reported on TechCrunch, and it showcased FB?s newest photo features. It showed how a chosen photo, can be edited using existing filters, and be embossed with text overlays that users can actually manipulate in size, colors, and position. A vertical line on top of the photo indicates the slider tool, and can alternate the look of your photo in between filters by just swiping.

The new photo editing tool however requires the newest version of Facebook on iOS, and may not be available in other regions. A version for Android is still being developed.

A New Direction

This is not the first time that Facebook is dabbling on services offered by competitors. Last week, Facebook made it possible to search for tops and copy the links without having to leave the FB page ? slowly introducing a search engine feature that could very well compete with Google.

They also introduced Instant Articles, a new tool where stories from publishers like The New York Times, The Guardian and National Geographic can instantly publish their stories on Facebook..

There?s also talks about the social media site competing against YouTube when it comes to their video interface, making it easier to look and share vids on user’s wall. If all goes as planned, Facebook will also be hosting videos of copyrighted materials from artists.

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