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An Honest Review of State of Decay

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The pros and cons of State of Decay, a survival horror game story

We all love and adore the Grand Theft Auto series, from GTA III and the DLC of its liberty city, to the latest GTA V. We?ve searched for mods everywhere just to experience what it will be like to have hordes of zombies running around in your city. State of Decay is similar to Grand Theft Auto, it is like the game but without the robbing, killing innocent pedestrians just for the kicks, being a henchman for a mob boss, killing that mob boss because your other boss wants them dead ( that is also another boss of the rival criminal organization), etc. .

Here on State of Decay, you play as a survivor along with people who have taken shelter in houses or buildings.

The game is a Third-person perspective that is similar to the mentioned game but your main objective here is to help other survivors and raise your influence on them. Your character here is Marcus Campbell, a store clerk who happens to be an athlete and with a leadership skill that will help him on his mission.

I?ve played it before but sadly I couldn?t handle another hour of it. This is just me though, my own opinion. The only issue I have is the camera as it made me nauseous after 2 hours of game play.

I?ve read people complaining about this flaw…. that doesn?t change the fact that it is a cool experience to play and have an objective other than to survive and it also has a storyline to follow. That is what I love about State of Decay…..?sneak behind a zombie and kill it with one hit… can interact with other NPCs in-game and can even ask them to join you… make sure your haven is secured and the defenses are fortified, and many more.

Of course the basic rule would be ?to conserve every supply you get, just like in any other survival game but the main attraction for it is the dynamic progression where NPCs can still gather resource, eat food, get injured or possibly die even when you are not running the game.

This game is no doubt a unique addition to your collection if you are an avid gamer. Thus I conclude my honest review for the game State of Decay.


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