An Honest Look at Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

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If you?re a true fan of the Gundam franchise, then can you honestly say you didn?t wish, at one point, for giant Gundams to be built? And wouldn?t you have jumped at the chance to volunteer for the programs, becoming a young pilot just like Gundam pioneer pilot Amuro Ray and the boys of the Gundam Wing series?

Gundam was such a great anime that fans pined for a video game of it to be released. Over the years, games have sprouted for the franchise. There were fighting games aplenty on the PlayStation and arcade games, but never a mass-scale battle edition, until the first Dynasty Warriors: Gundam came out. The latest Gundam game in the series, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn tries to cash in one last time before the PS3?s inevitable demise.

The trouble with Dynasty Warrior titles is that they tend to become repetitive. As a hack-and-slash title, the game becomes tedious over time when you start wrapping quests up. In Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn, however, there is enough fan service that it should keep you playing the game to its finish, even gearing up for a re-play. The game also has a few gems of needing your strategy in order to finish quests. Apart from securing bases for your forces, you are assigned various tasks and objects to finish, some of them even needing to be finished at the same time.

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There are different modes, or forms of gameplay, that you can play. The aforementioned belongs to the Official mode, which follows a plotline from the anime. You play as the protagonist in series such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Char?s Counterattack, Gundam Unicorn and Gundam SEED Destiny. Then there?s the Ultimate Mode, where you play through original missions and you get to choose your own pilot and Gundam of choice. These two games offer something for both the purists (people who play true to the series) and the experimental gamers (people who love to explore “what if?” scenarios).

If in the Dynasty Warriors series, the stars of the game are the heroes, in this series the mobile suits are the heroes themselves. You have an upgrade system here where as you play, you receive parts and plans for rewards. The thought of customizing and upgrading your mobile suit can provide a good scenario for role-play enthusiasts; however, it is rather difficult to get your hands on higher upgrades. You use the parts to upgrade your mobile suit, while the plans are used to upgrade stats like melee, the armor of your suit, as well as the thrusters, and more.

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Playing a game can take a toll on you especially if you don?t like what you?re seeing. Fortunately, the graphics in this game are given attention, to the point that each mobile suit is precisely rendered. There may be some problems with rendering but that is to be expected, as there are hundreds upon hundreds of these mobile suits at one time. The background isn?t a static background; it changes with every scene. The beam weapons themselves are a thing of beauty, as each particle is rendered pretty well.

In the end, this title is a must-have, especially to those who are avid fans of the anime series. That being said, however, it may be difficult to have this game breach the gap among those who haven?t even heard of the series as of yet. However, with the fanbase that Gundam has, it would be safe to say that this series is in good hands.

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