An Australian Genius Hacked an ATM to Play ‘Doom’ on It

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Playing Doom on an ATM (Image Credit Aussie50)
Playing Doom on an ATM (Image Credit Aussie50)

ATMs to get hacked, and people work hard to protect these machines from getting hacked. People don?t really get excited over ATMs being tampered with, but in Sydney, Australia, somebody did something different?and actually used an ATM ?to play the classic ?Doom? game.

One bright guy with the moniker of Aussie50 posted a video on YouTube about his unique-looking game machine. He also credited his friend Julian for helping him deal with the other technical stuff like software and wiring.

We start to wonder. Why does Aussie50 ?love tinkering everyday objects like this. How did he even get an NCR Personas ATM to turn?into an odd arcade gaming machine? Will we have a future where we can play Doom on ATM while waiting for the money we are withdrawing, or even, rent it as a standalone gaming rig?

Aussie50 responded to YouTube comments about how they turned the PIN pad into its controller and using the side panels as the weapon selector. Some are even talking about using the receipt printer to print out your high score at the end of each session.

When a viewer commented about using it for modern games like Minecraft, he stated that he wanted to stick with the original hardware manufacturer?s setup as much as possible. The machines lack ?PCI-E Slots? so it would be pretty impossible for them to integrate a game that is less old than 10 years or so.

“I am thinking about getting a new coin mech to put below the card reader? Aussie50 said, with the intent of actually making some cash with his little contraption.

Aussie50 and Julian have an interest in playing Doom with very unconventional methods, ?that they even managed to rig it on a large LED billboard, which is shown below.

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