An aspiring Olympic gymnast founded the finest loose leaf organic teas and teawares in America

Entice your senses with this aromatic organic tea. This organic and caffeine-free tea will help you improve your overall health and wellness.

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Feeling sluggish? Perk up with green tea matcha. Stressed at work? Curl up with a warm mug of chamomile tea. Under the weather? Soothe a sore throat with some tea and honey. It is no secret that drinking tea is good for you. It is a tradition that even dates back to our ancestors.

While drinking any tea likely comes with benefits, many of these have their own distinct health perks. But have you ever tried a tea outside a teabag? You must try Cup of Té’s organic and caffeine-free teas.

Cup of Té is your one-stop destination for extraordinary teas, crafted to stimulate all of your senses while promoting health and wellness. They offer the very best organic teas and teaware.

How did it all begin?

It all began in 2008 when founder Taylor Lindsay-Noel, an aspiring Olympic gymnast, suffered a devastating accident while in training that left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Driven to overcome her challenges and transform her situation into something meaningful and valuable to lives, she launched Cup of Té in 2018 to provide the world’s finest loose leaf organic teas and teaware.

Whether you appreciate something sustainable and wholly natural with refreshing flavors, they provide an exclusive range of crafts from Berry, Coconut, Lemon Ginger, and Chai – all enwrapped with super freshness and ethically sourced from authentic growers across the globe.

From organic Sencha Green, Organic Jasmine to Organic Earl Grey, they love to bring aromatic heritage blends naturally enriched with antioxidants without falling short on savory tastes.

Health benefits of drinking Organic Tea from Cup of Té:

  1. Toxin-free. Organic tea will ensure you don’t build up toxins within your system, increasing your immunity. It means that there is no risk of drinking pesticide residues with your refreshing cup.
  2. Promote digestive health. Tea helps to restore the balance of bacteria in your gut and improve gut function.
  3. Boost Your Antioxidant Intake. This means that by preparing yourself a freshly brewed cup of tea, you’ll be giving yourself a health boost. What better way to flush out free radicals than a refreshing cup of organic tea?
  4. Help to lose weight. One of the most sought-after organic tea benefits is the effects it has on your weight loss goals. You will see a great improvement in your overall health if you combine tea with your workout regimen.
  5. Calming effects. Theanine, found in tea, helps to soothe your mind and keep you relaxed and calm. Where the caffeine in coffee may make you feel nervous or shaky, theanine helps soothe the nervous system, which makes it a helpful drink for people suffering from anxiety.
  6. Build strength. Although tea is mostly water, it contains vitamins and minerals which help to build up your strength. Vitamin H (or biotin) helps the metabolism. Biotin keeps the hair and skin healthy and promotes a healthy nervous system. A couple of cups of organic tea a day will help you with your daily requirements.
  7. Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable. Tea is prebiotic, which regulates glucose levels. It delays the release of sugars from starch or sucrose, which helps people who struggle with blood sugar issues. When blood sugar is regulated, this helps to ward off diabetes.

Cup of Té transcends their passion for organic teas while infusing something extra-benefitting to communities by donating $1 from each Starter Kit to mental health awareness.

Whether you prefer taking green tea or herbal tea bags, as long as you are drinking tea, you are sure to reap its health benefits.